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Vitality Health Coaching

Vitality Health Coaching Program

If you desire frequent, regular communication and a curriculum built to transform your lifestyle supporting all levels of the healing pyramid through weekly contact, we recommend the Vitality Coaching Program.

Vitality Coaching Program: 30-minute consultation once a week. This program starts at $497 per month, with a minimum commitment of 4 months.

If you have completed an initial consult, your initial intake appointment is applied to the cost.

Vitality Coaching Program

This complete wellness optimization program is for the woman looking to go all in for her health.  She’s tired of trying to determine which information is factual and which advice she should follow.  She’s looking to feel her best and feel like herself again. This program provides weekly support from Leigh as your personal health and wellness coach who will shine a light for you to heal in a way that resonates with your beliefs.  After the initial hormone consult intake, Leigh will build an individualized program to support your goals and address symptoms that are often robbing us of the quality of life we desire to achieve.  By working through mindset, nutrition, gut health, liver support, adrenal, ovarian and thyroid health she will help you become friends with your body again.


This is ideal for the busy working professional or mom who feels weary and does not know where to start but knows her direction is not serving her. Ideal for women in mid-life who have stopped to ponder what their future quality of life looks like? In the last half of her life she has dreams of living as her best self, in her best body and savouring every moment of this life stage that she has more than earned. Her time is now.

In addition to a thorough review of medical history and ordering of relevant  blood work and prescriptions as appropriate, a review and streamline of your supplements, this program includes the following added value:

  20% off all medical-grade supplements

 Liver detox kit (Value of $190) and a starter kit (Value of $150) of wellness products to optimize your transformation

  Referral and credit toward registered dietician and nurse practitioner services are also part of this program as needed (Value of $150)

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