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Compression Therapy

Are your patients experiencing any of these possible signs or symptoms?  Tired, achy legs, swollen ankles, spider or varicose veins, prolonged sitting or standing, long distance travel or pregnancy?

Talk to us about the benefits of wearing medical compression stockings.

Please input your data into the fillable PDF and fax to Solutions Clinical Pharmacy at (403) 528-3993.

Drug Shortage Solutions

If a product cannot be obtained after exhausting all suppliers, we have several options including modifying the therapy or compounding the product if possible.  Examples of products we have or are compounding due to shortages:  sulfatrim liquid, phenazopyridine capsules, dessicated thyroid, cytomel capsules, doxepin capsules, and clomiphene capsules.

Need to adapt therapy?  We have found the following MedSask website charts helpful in guiding modification of a therapy.

Veterinary Compounding

It can be difficult to administer medications to a sick pet. Our compounding procedures can help alter the taste or form of administration, making it easier to get them on track to a speedy and healthy recovery.

Flavoured Liquids

Ear Gels