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We offer a full line of over the counter products in addition to some unique lines you may not find everywhere for you and your family including natural health and beauty options.  Our desire is to work with you one-on-one to best match products to your needs.  Looking for something we don’t have?  Let us know.  We’d be happy to look into ordering your requested product.

Metagenics Online Store

Are you looking to reorder? If the product you purchased from Solutions Clinical Pharmacy has this label on it, you can reorder it online at our Metagenics store. Click the button below to reorder!

Hormone Consultation

In a world full of information it is hard to know where to go to get reliable advice. Our pharmacist, Leigh, has a passion and training in hormone therapy. Whether it is supplementation, testing, or information you seek, Leigh is a wealth of knowledge in this area and appointments are available to discuss your needs.

Travel Immunizations

No need for any other appointments! We are your one-stop shop for immunizations and travel medicine. We can assess, prescribe and administer as per your specific needs and travel plans. We are a yellow fever certified site and can provide any Canadian available vaccine.

Travel Consultation

Immunizations and Injections


We offer a variety of testing through Rocky Mountain Analytical. Visit the link to explore testing accessible through our clinic.


  Food Reaction

Rapid Strep Throat Swabs


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